May 01, 2012
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Name: Rory Hawthorne
Age: 12 
District 12 Citizen
FC: Bertie Gilbert

Before the Games:

Rory is the second eldest of the Hawthorne children, brother to Gale, Vick, and Posy. Along with his siblings and his mother, Rory grew up in the Seam, where food is scarce and you have to fight to survive. While Gale is the hunter and provider of food, Rory is somewhat of the protector to his younger siblings, keeps them out of trouble and makes sure they’re safe. The Hawthorne’s are close to the Everdeen’s, afterall Gale and Katniss are hunting partners, and Rory is good friends with Prim, who’s in his year at school.

When Rory isn’t making sure Posy is wandering off on her own, he’s usually with Prim, who seems to be his closest friend. Personality wise, Rory is quite childish and tends to joke around. He’s quite oblivious to Prim’s obvious feelings for him and she won’t say much about it, being the shy girl she is.

During the Games:

Much like his brother, Rory is completely against the games. He thinks they’re barbaric, but to make matters worse, Katniss is forced to enter the arena. All he can do is comfort Prim and Gale, promise them she’ll be alright, but he knows better than that. Rory avoids watching the Games, for they’re sick and he does not support their purpose. He becomes Gale’s hunting partner when Katniss is gone, providing food for both his family and the Everdeen’s.

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